3d Printed Wargame Accessories

Once upon a time a wargames miniature painter complained that he hated gluing sand to wooden sabot bases. He particularly disliked having to clean sand out of the holes, after the glue had dried, so that his miniatures bases would fit into said holes. I saw his complaint and had the idea that I could produce sabot bases that already had a texture applied, just paint and play!

Now I present a range of items for sale. These are all my own designs and are printed on one of my resin printers. Some items are kept in stock, but most are printed to order and can take a few days to despatch, but I will always update you on the estimated time until despatch and the progress of the printing.

The sabot bases have been purchased for games such as Sharp Practice and Bolt Action but can be used for any game where individually based miniatures are moved around the table in units, making handling simpler and quicker. They can also be designed to accommodate any size base that you have used for your miniatures. So far, I have sold these for UK pennies, 25mm bases, 20mm bases and even UK 5 pence pieces on which the customer planned to base 15mm miniatures. If you don’t see what you need please contact me and I will do my best to help!

I very much hope that you like what you see here and that I can contribute to your enjoyment of our hobby in some small way!

Paul Edwards



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