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What a Tanker Dashboard and Dice Set STL File

What a Tanker Dashboard and Dice Set STL File

This is a dashboard for the game "What a Tanker" from TooFatLardies . The set includes the dashboard, pegs and 16mm custom dice. The damage table is a paper label and the tank stats are printed on paper and inserted through a slot in the side of the dashboard, files included in the download. 


The painted images are of the same dashboard as painted by Joe Bilton and used in his recent display game at Salute 51! The 1/56th scale Stug is not included and is just to show the scale of the dashboard.


You are purchasing an STL files, NOT a printed product. To use this file you require access to a resin 3D printer with a minimum screen size of 9.1 inches. It may be possible to print the whole set scaled down to fit a smaller printer, but this has not been tested. The file has only been tested on a resin printer.


Set of STL and PDF Files for £15

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