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What a Cowboy Dashboard STL File

What a Cowboy Dashboard STL File

This is the STL file for a dashboards for the new game from TooFatLardies, What a Cowboy!


The dashboard is designed to accept 16mm dice (such as those from TooFatLardies in the picture) for 'actions' and 12mm dice to record ammunition in up to two weapons. Action dice that are lost to 'shock' can be stored in the tray at the bottom of the dashboard and, if you wish, the name, skill level and equipment can be written, or printed, on a slip of paper that can lay in the tray marked 'What a Cowboy!'.


The dashboard is roughly 4 inches (100mm) square.


You are purchasing an STL files, NOT a printed product. To use this file you require access to a 3D printer. The file has only been tested on a resin printer.


One STL File for £10

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