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Roman Prepared Defences (Half Camp)

Roman Prepared Defences (Half Camp)

Prepared fortifications as those that might have been used by an ancient Roman force on the march. The set represents half of a camp, in 28mm scale which might be placed on an edge of your wargames table. It includes 2x long sections, 2x short sections, 2x end pieces (one each of left and right handed pieces), 2x corners and 4x tribuli (caltrops constructed from the same stakes used in the fortifications) that may have been used at the entrance to the camp.


The photograph above shows how the models in this range might look when painted and arranged on the table, the photograph is NOT an accurate representation of what is included in this set, please see the other diagrams, and the previous text, for this information. Models are supplied unpainted.


These models have been designed for use with the upcoming "Infamy, Infamy!"rules from TooFatLardies.


Photograph courtesy of TooFatLardies, painted by Richard Clarke.

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