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Oosterbeek Semi Detached Houses (STL file)

Oosterbeek Semi Detached Houses (STL file)

These Oosterbeek Semi Detached Houses are one of the designs used in the TooFatLardies exhibition at the Hartenstein Hotel in October 2022! The pack contains a single base and four rooves, two intact and two damaged, both with and wiothout dormer windows!


You are purchasing a pack of STL files, NOT a printed product. To use these files you require access to a 3D printer. The footprint of this building at a scale suitable for 28mm (this is the default size of the file) miniatures is approximately 137mm x 130mm. The files were tested at this scale, but should be suitable for scaling up or down. If you need any advice about this product please feel free to contact me via this website.


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