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Oosterbeek Fences (STL file)

Oosterbeek Fences (STL file)

This is a pack of fences and gates as were used in the TooFatLardies exhibition at the Hartenstein Hotel in October 2022! The pack contains four styles of fence, in varying lengths,  including three styles of iron railings and a chain link fence. The fences will need to be mounted on a base to stand up to the rigours of play.


These files are only suitable for resin printing and are unlikely to be suitable for scales smaller than 28mm, they are much too fine for FDM printing. Fences A, B and C can be printed flat on the build plate with no supports, but supports are critical for the success of fence B. The top rail of the fence must be supported in such a way that the supports do not contact the chain link section of the model. The supports, as set up by myself, can be removed with tweezers held between the fence and the support material. The chain link is very delicate until cured and so care must be taken at this stage. I have included a Chitubox project file showing my supports that have proven successful, but please contact me if you have any queries about how this style of fence should be printed. 


You are purchasing a pack of STL files, NOT a printed product. The printed product is available elsewhere on this site if you are in the UK and, if you are in Europe, from 


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