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I Ain't Been Shot Mum Activation Chips

I Ain't Been Shot Mum Activation Chips

These are sets of chips for use with the TooFatLardies game "I Ain't Been Shot Mum". Each set has all of the chips you need for one force, with options to buy more than one at a discount.


The chips are 3D printed in resin and will be supplied in whatever colour resin is in stock, usually black or grey. They can easily be sprayed with an aerosol or and airbrush to colour them to your own specifications.


Allied and German sets each contain 51 chips, whilst the Soviet set contains 52 with the addition of the "Commissar" chip. These chips consist of:


Armour 1-5 (one of each)

Armour Bonus x1

Ammo Shortage x1

AT Gun x5

Big Man 1-8 (one of each)

Blinds x1

Company HQ 1-2 (one of each)

Dynamic Leader x1

Forward Observer x1

Fuel or Breakdown x1

Heroic Leader x1

Hesitant Troops x1

Human Wave x1

MG Bonus x1

Platoon 1-8 (one of each)

Mortar Bonus x1

Poor Fire Discipline x1

Rally x2

Rapid Deployment x1

Recce Bonus x1

Sniper x1

Support 1-3 (one of each)

Tank Killers x1

Tea Break x2


One full set for £12

Buy German and Allied or German and Soviet for £22





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