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Calvary STL Files

Calvary STL Files

This is a representation of a 'calvary' such as that found at Fontenay-le-Pesnil near Caen. A monument such as this features in a scenario in the 'Operation Martlet' Pint Sized Campaign by TooFatLardies.


The pictures of the painted and finished model are of the wonderful work of Joe Bilton. He added 10mm thick foam as the base beneath the monument and then covered it in model railway ballast. What a fantastic job he did too! To see more of Joes work follow @Joe_Wargamer on Twitter. In this set of STL files, however, there are options to print the gravel area around the calvary.


At 28mm scale the footprint of the model measures 110mm wide by 140mm deep. If your printer is too small to print the whole piece parts are provided that will fit on a small printer such as an Elegoo Mars.


You are purchasing a pack of STL files, NOT a printed product. To use these files you require access to a resin 3D printer. The files are delivered at a default scale of 28mm, but can be easily rescaled and have been successfully printed at all scales between 6mm and 28mm though you should be aware that the railings are quite delicate at smaller scales. If you need any advice about this product please feel free to contact me via this website.


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